Lühr Sierra Susan

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Our research is focused on homogenous catalysis applied in organic synthesis. Specifically, in the use of earth abundant metals along with organic ligands as catalyst in hydride reductions and transfer hydrogenation of unsaturated groups. Another area of interest in our group is the application of rhodium precursors in the functionalization of olefins via hydroformylations with (para)formaldehyde as syngas (CO:H2=1:1) substitute.

Línea de investigación: 
Homogeneous catalysis applied in Organic Synthesis • Copper- and iron-catalyzed transfer hydrogenations and hydrosilylations • Rhodium- and ruthenium-catalyzed hydroformylations
Grados académicos /educación: 
• Licenciatura en Química, Universidad de Chile (2005)
• Doctora en Química, Universidad de Chile (2009)
• Postdoctorado, Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse e.V an der Universität Rostock (LIKAT Rostock) (2010-2014), Alemania.