Lemus Chávez Luis Alberto

227 181 052


Our research focuses on the synthesis and structural study of new transition metal compounds, mainly Cu, Fe, Ru and Zn. Bimetallic complexes are of particular interest, given the electronic communication that may exist between metal centers and their effect on their photophysical properties.

A family of supramolecular polymetallic complexes are helicates, where the folding of the ligands around the metal centers defines a helical axis, giving these molecules an intrinsic chirality. From the structural point of view, the chiral resolution of helicates and the study of racemization mechanisms in enantiomerically pure complexes are topics studied in our research group.

In addition, helicates are able to bind to DNA strands through specific non-covalent interactions, modifying its structure. In this subject, our interest has been to study the effect of the chirality of helicates on molecular recognition processes and enantioselective binding to DNA.

Línea(s) de investigación: 
Synthesis of coordination compounds. Supramolecular chemistry. DNA recognition through non-covalent interactions with metal complexes.
Grados académicos /educación: 
Doctor en Química, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 2009 |
Licenciado en Química, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, 2004.