Toledo Neira Carla

227 181 049

Prof. Carla Toledo, joined the Chemistry and Biology Faculty in January 2017. Her research on Analytical chemistry is focussed on chromatographic separation science and sample preparation. She is specifically interested in employing of green solvents as a ionic liquids (ILs), and switchable solvents (SS), particularly in microextraction techniques for the determination of emerging contaminants concern and other organic pollutants from food and/or environmental matrices.

Línea de investigación: 
Chromatographic Techniques, Sample preparation, Green Analytical Chemistry .
Grados académicos /educación: 
Doctora en Química (2012), Universidad de Chile
Licenciada en Ciencias Ambientales m/Química (2006), Universidad de Chile
Químico Ambiental (2006), Universidad de Chile