Constandil Cordova Luis

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Up today there exist a number of drugs able to inhibit the acute pain. Nevertheless, these drugs are not capable of inhibiting completely chronic pain types. Even though there exist abundant knowledge about the pain pathways to the cerebral cortex,   neither the neurotransmitters participating in these pathways nor the regulatory mechanisms involved is known. Furthermore, quite a few is also known about the mechanisms involved in the codification and discrimination of tactile and painful sensations. Additionally, is also poorly understood the plastic changes involved in the response of the organism to chronic pain. This kind of interrogate has leaded our Lab to the study chronic neuropathic and arthritic chronic pain in animal models. A typical chronic pain is produced during a migraine episode. Once initiated, this pain is maintained in time due to peripheral and central sensitization. Even though the physiopathology of migraine has been deeply studied, their genesis and the mechanisms of central sensitization are still unknown. Into this topic, we development an system for long lasting drug delivery based in polymeric nanoparticle.

Línea(s) de investigación: 
Fisiopatología y neuroplasticidad en el dolor crónico
Grados académicos /educación: 
Doctor en Ciencias Biologicas, P. Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1997
Biologo, P. Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1990